Founded by Wilhem in 1833, the Orpheus movement, also called Choral Societies or Orphonic Societies, was a festive and musical movement of masses.

Born in the 90s, the bistronomy, defined by a trio good products, great technique and friendliness, has deeply participated in the evolution of gastronomy.

It has today become a major trend in the culinary arts. Definition of a trend that has dusted and handed the big kitchen to everyone.

The birth of a new category of cuisine.

Over the years, like many other suitcases, the term “bistronomie” has gradually been diluted, until it encompasses a lot of things …

All the great chefs put themselves in, from Joël Robuchon to Guy Savoy.

These great chefs open lighter addresses next to their usual establishments adorned with stars.

A new generation of chefs is part of this trend.

A new vision of gastronomy is what Hugues and Eric MBENDA offers.

Welcome to the bistronomic restaurant ORPHEON.